For My Dread Inquiring Minds…

Hello fellow dread enthusiasts!!

Or maybe you are just the curious sort and want to know what is up with this dreadlock ordeal…

To start with, the best information I can give the average joe about dreadlocks is: there are two major food groups… More specifically, there are SYNTHETIC dreadlocks and there are PERMANENT dreadlocks.


Many people believe that a “synthetic dreadlock” is strictly speaking of the material used when creating a dreadlock style. This is only a half truth!

For me, the true meaning of a synthetic dreadlock is a dreadlock that is attached to your existing hair. This creates the look of “real” dreadlocks without the commitment. ALL of my synthetic methods can be removed from the hair and your existing hair will return to its original form.

I do typically use a synthetic fiber for my “synthetic” methods, as a fiber takes less time to dry, is lighter weight than human hair, and there is absolutely no risk for color fading or bleeding.


This is what it sounds like.. A permanent decision.

Your hair is sectioned off and purposefully locked and tangled until it stops unlocking and untangling…

Many people have combed out permanent dreadlock methods… I do not suggest relying on this way out, as your hair will not be the same after undergoing such a brutal undoing.

Permanent dreadlocks CAN be extended once your locs are fully mature.


I call this the Steady Dready method.

Best suited for my impatient short haired friends.

We start with a Brazilian Knot in extension. The initial installation for this method is approx 5-8 hours. This method can be worn without any salon maintenance for up to 15 weeks. At this point, you HAVE A CHOICE! You can maintain these extensions as a synthetic dreadlock, keeping the option to go back to your normal hair… OR you can begin the dreading process! If you can go 15 weeks without removing the dreadlock extension, the base of your hair will begin to gently tangle. This is caused by natural hair shedding being trapped in the locked extension, and from twisting. This is nothing to worry about, as the base cannot dread too much in that time frame. IF YOU CHOOSE to take the next step to permanent locs, we would leave the tangled base and remove the extension; allowing the rest of the strand to naturally lock up. The extensions are rotated through your locs and overtime as the strands fully mature, your extension is permanently attached to your natural dreadlock. This method has many phases, some a little tougher than others. But you have the option of coming in for salon maintenance as little or as often as you would like, booking as many hours as you feel like you need to accomplish the maintenance necessary.. The process can be as fast or as slow as you would like, it only requires time in the salon. I believe I have created a way for short haired dreadie enthusiasts (like myself) to have long dreadlocks that look good MOST of the time. Below are some pictures of each phase so you can get an idea of what your dreadlocks will look like throughout their steady dready journey.


Taken immediately after installation


Taken one week after installation; you can see the the hair is beginning to loc up.

Her dreadlocks are currently about 2 months old and have not had any maintenance thus far.


My dread journey looked a little like this… Don’t mind the selfies, please!


Taken about one week after installation


Taken about 2.5 months later (some of the free strands are beginning to loc up) pulling some of the front back helps to tame them when they are trying to have a wild day.


Taken about 15 weeks later, most of the dreadlocks are permanently extended at this point.


And the picture of completion.

From start to finish, this process was approximately 7 months.

My hair will remain like this until I choose to cut it off. The outgrowth will continue to loc up as it grows out and YES I can continue coloring my hair. I have the option of doing a little maintenance by pulling in free hairs surrounding the dreads, or locking in any imperfections.

Hope that was helpful!!



Mineralogie Vamp Lip

Vamp Lips…

Halloween set the tone for my winter lip mood. I will have vamp lips, or I will have nothing at all. Ha Ha! But seriously.. How much are you loving these dark hues?!


Ok here is a little HOW-to Vamp-Lip using Mineralogie!

You will need: Mineralogie lipstick in your fav shade (preferably darker hues/ reds/pinks), Cafe or Suede Pencil Liner, Mink Loose Mineral Eyeshadow,  and a Q-tip!

My lip shade of choice is typically Guilty Pleasure (for a more violet undertone) or Stiletto (for a deep brick red undertone)

I begin by applying a bit of Mineralogie BB Cream all over my face, including my lips. It adds a tad of moisture and has a filling quality that helps perfect your canvas for application.

Apply lipstick directly over your BB Cream, covering your entire lip.

Shake a little Mink out of the shaker and apply it over your lipstick with a Q-tip. This will “set” your lips and give them a matte finish, keeping it off of your teeth and in line. The lipstick and BB Cream underneath keep your lips feeling moist but to the touch they are dry, or “set”. For a darker tone, apply more Mink… Lighter tone, less Mink.

Use your Cafe or Suede Pencil to line your entire lip; blending the lipstick and shadow together around the entire seam and cleaning up any “un-crisp” lip lines!

Take the clean end of your Q-tip and press it into any flaws and in a smooth motion, twirl toward your lip.

Voila! If you feel your lips are too wet or that you have got too much of either product on them.. Simple FIX, just blot your lips together on a piece of toilet paper. Double set your lips this way, and keep those babies looking perfect!

Also, give this trick a try with other shadow and lip shades! A few of my favorite combos are: Peaches & Cream Lipstick with Opal Shimmer Eyeshadow, or Parfait Lipstick with Raspberry Eyeshadow. Turn one lip shade into many!!


Salon Professionals: Ivy Hues

Meet Ivy,

She is a beautiful college student with a little boho in her style, great taste in music, and an appreciation for icy lavenders and blue grays. In other words, we vibe and I dig her color appointments.


Where we began..

Ivy is naturally a level 8 with beige undertones; we gave her a nicely balanced and subtle balayage highlight  in our first color appointment together. The next time she returned for color it was to be a silvery, iridescent lavender.

This is her before (post balayage):



The key to achieving a really pale hue, is time and PATIENCE. Sheer shades really show every line of demarkation (seams), drier patches, dark and light strands and spots. We want dimension, but keeping a light, barely-there-color, requires an even, seamless, canvas.  Having just highlighted her last appointment, this was tedious… to say the least.

I began by decolorizing her strands with a 30 vol lightener, careful not to go over previously lightened hair.  When it looked even and as light as can be, I shampooed with Scruples Platinum Shine Brightening Shampoo, and let it sit 5 minutes. This process brings her hair to a blue/gray which dries to a nice, icy/silver blonde.

And now the fun part.. COLORRRRR


Tips when working with pastels and vivids:

*When adding pigment back into this ultra light hair, it is important to remember that it is going to suck up that pigment like no-body’s business and you are going to be rushing your client to the shampoo bowl if you are not careful! These colors look really dark but they are very very sheer!

*Always start with a clear or silver base (depending on desired tone/color) add very small drops of pigment until shade desired is achieved.

*Use a dry paper towel to test color on while mixing.


What do you think?



Fast forward to next appointment…


A Lavender dream..

Again Ivy returned with a new look in mind; darker so that it lasted longer.

Her outgrowth was  approx an inch and a half and once lightened, shampooed and blown dry, did not match her existing, all over silvery blonde. I mixed one formula more violet based for the outgrowth and two more formulas for the ends. Applying according to which areas needed, which formulas to achieve an even tone. Your knowledge of color correction using the color wheel, will greatly serve you in this department.

Applying a single, all-over color, on an uneven base is a recipe for banding and less than satisfactory fading.


And the latest and greatest..


Ultraviolet & Blue Steel…

We were going for more blue, but she wasn’t quite ready to ditch those violet vibes.

Thank you for the fun and inspiration Miss Ivy, heads like yours make my world go ’round.




For the stylists who want to know:

Color lights me up, the challenge and process excites me and the reward comes when your work turns out better than either of you imagined it could. That is passion, art, creativity, and it drives me.

The appreciation for my love of color is apparent as most of my family and friends are wearing vibrant shades themselves. Due to our vivid gathering, we get questioned a lot about my techniques, products and tips. I was always very reluctant to share those things with fellow stylists as I felt it would create direct competition with my business… “Trade secrets” everyone says!

My default response to inquisitive young stylists is always the same; “Come work in my salon, and I will teach you everything I know.”

This response was in hopes that a fresh face would aspire to work by my side. Sharing success in one unified space, learning from one another and growing together. The conversation that transpired after this lost message was never as pleasant as I had hoped. The inquiring face always turned to a gasping one and then the defense came up followed by more questions in a less than friendly tone and snappy remarks. WHEW…. Not an encounter I wanted to have on a Sunday afternoon at TJ Maxx.

So here it goes…

I have decided to share MY “trade secrets” in hopes that someone will be inspired.

And in hopes that you will all stop harrassing my family and friends 🙂

haha JK!

But really…


She Glows!

Spray Tans…

It can sound scary when those words are paired together, but I will tell you, I am obsessed!! Our skin care specialist really knows how to mix up and apply a fantastic tan! My tan lasted a good two weeks and when it was gone, the transition was seamless. I had not experienced any patchy fading or discoloration, and in my opinion the tone was flawless.


Doesn’t get any more natural looking than that!

Chelsie @ The Eclectic Chair in Idaho Falls, ID

Thanks girl, you’re the best!


Leave-In Conditioner by Loma Organics


Leave-In Conditioner by Loma Organics…

A popular product among clients with all hair types, an 8.45oz bottle of this stuff sells for $13. I love how well it detangles and softens, while maintaining a light weight. It easily doubles as a finishing product to control frizz and static, or dampen your “second-day” hair with it and blow dry; the sea salt it contains will add volume to your slept-on strands.

For my dreadhead friends, this product is residue free and 70% organic, so it will not be leaving behind any funk in your those dreadies of yours. Use on mature, dry dreadlocks to add moisture and control dry scalp and the fuzzies.


BB Cream by: Mineralogie

What is BB Creme??

It’s the in-a-hurry-girl’s best friend!


With SPF 20, Mineralogie has created a Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm creme that evens skin tone, brightens the complexion, covers imperfections, and helps to prevent skin aging, all with an ultra light weight feel. This is one of my very favorite products, and that is hard to say. Mineralogie never ceases to impress with ingredients and results that are second to none. A few of the ingredients they have added to this product alone, are:

White Tea- helps to  slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin

Oat Beta Glucan- helps to smooth skin and soothe redness

Acai Berry- helps to fight free radicals and reduce inflammation

Resveratrol- is  an antioxidant that helps to protect skin from sun damage

Vitamin A, E and Silica- to condition and promote healthy skin

BB Creme can be worn alone, as the coverage is great for everyday wear, or layered with Mineralogie’s concealers and foundations for a more perfected complexion.

Available and on hand at The Eclectic Chair in Idaho Falls for a low price of $30.



Loc Hair Adventures -My Dreadlocks-

Having beautiful locs takes dedication…
takes a little sweat to produce a masterpiece is how I see it.

When you make the decision to get dreadlocks, patience is no longer a virtue. You want them yesterday, regardless of the length of your hair. LENGTH is a problem most of us face. I loved having short crazy hair but was ready for something completely different and long hair just wasn’t for me. I fell in love with a few dreaded heads in SLC and decided I NEEDED them… yesterday. My hair was a barely growing mohawk and getting long enough hair to dread was going to be a problem… No one (that I know) wants short dreadlocks sticking straight out from their head, right?

A little luck, some research, my mom (installer), and I had my first set.

WARNING: Here come the selfies… How else was I supposed to document this journey?!
I have had dreadlocks for the better part of 2 years now and I started at an average of 2.5 inches in length for hair…my bangs being the longest length.

This was my first dread experience
A synthetic dread extension

Pros to this method
-They are completely and easily reversible
-Very good for someone totally undecided about wearing dreadlocks
-Can be installed for a skilled technician in approx 4-5 hours

Drawback to this method
-Maintenance was approx 5 hours every 6 weeks
-Very heavy to wear, so I typically cornrowed the front back and wore them back while working.. making the maintenance on the front about 1 hour every other week.

I removed these locks for the summer as they were too heavy and too hot to wear. I left them out for a few months and researched new methods, there had to be something better than that for short haired, semi- committed, dreadhead wannabes, right?!

I decided on purple

And a new method

This masterpiece consists of 3 types of synthetic dread extension methods, some micro braids sprinkled in there, and free strand bead-lock extensions.

Which brought up another important learning experience; dreadlocks and free strand extensions cannot live on the same head! Needless to say, my beads came out in a clump and got tossed, which led me to this

This is the synthetic extension I most commonly do now. Its the most reliable, lowest maintenance and its exactly what brought me to my next experiment…

Overhaul time! Took everything out of my hair that wasnt grown from my head, and I set up a color appt. I had committed to natural dreadlocks and knew exactly how I wanted my hair to look once it was “complete”.

Again pardon the terrible selfie!

I wanted my natural dark blonde hair to melt into aqua/turquoise into blonde. I planned to keep some fun color in my hair, since I was letting my natural grow in; as I do not recommend lightening your roots once your hair is dreaded.

                                   ***Steady Dready***
***Phase one***

*Phase one is a complete set of synthetic extensions. Can be worn for up to 12 weeks with little to no salon maintenance.
***Phase Two***
*Begin natural locking process…
***Phase Three***

(Shown worn down and up)

*Phase three can last a while, here is where we begin permanently extending and “completing” your locs.

Again patience.

Cause look at where you are now…

Once you are “complete” your roots will need tightened and regular maintenance required typically until your locs have their first birthday!

The steady dready method can go as quickly as the client wants, or as slowly… Each phase can go with little to no maintenance for up to 12 weeks, leaving the process to your schedules availability and the clients wallet.

Dreadlock Education- Feb 2015

20-hour Dreadlock Certification for Licensed Salon Professionals



Everything you need to know to start, maintain, and care for dreadlocks in the salon… AND get paid for it.

Class one- Intro to Dreadlocks
In this class I give you the full run down verbally, on everything you need to know about dreadlocks.

Class two- (HANDS ON) Synthetic Methods
**3 synthetic methods with easy to advanced techniques for completing these methods and extending the life of the synthetic dreadlock.

Class three- (HANDS ON) Natural Locing Methods
**3 Natural locing methods and introduction to permanent natural extending.

Class Four- (HANDS ON) Synthetic to Natural Transition (Steady Dready) & Natural Dread Extending
**In this class, we take everything you have learned, and we dig into the good stuff.
Starting with a fourth and most advanced synthetic extension method, we perfect our technique so that I can teach you how to seamlessly transition from a synthetic dreadlock (aka “FAKE” or dreadlock extension) style, to permanently extended loc hair (aka long “REAL” dreadlocks). You will learn the methods necessary to complete the phases of the transition and tips to help make this transition easier for your clients.

This course has been designed to build from each class, so that you have all of the knowledge necessary to learn and practice the most advanced techniques in dreadlocking. It was through my experiences with dreadlocks, some good, some bad, that I was able to create a technique to gently transition your clients into a natural/natural extended loc from a synthetic dread extension. This has shown useful when the client has hair that will become too short when loc’d, and for those not ready to commit to a full head of natural locs. It has been my experience that the majority of clients fall into one of these two categories.

By the time this course is completed, you will feel confident in performing dreadlock and loc hair work as well as comfortable in charging top dollar for your skill. The price of this course in full, considering my rate, can be paid for in 3 dread appointments.

All materials and tools included.

Sunday February 1, 2015- Intro to Dreadlocks
Monday February 2, 2015 Morning- Synthetic Methods
Monday February 2, 2015 Afternoon- Natural Locing Methods
Tuesday February 3, 2015- Synthetic to Natural Transistion and Natural Dread Extending

Each class must be completed in sequence, starting with the Introduction class. Registration for this course closes on January 26, 2015, half down as a deposit is required to attend this class and must be paid by January 26, 2015. The remainder must be paid by February 1, 2015.

1 COURSE- 4 CLASSES (3 HANDS ON!!) for $1200.

SPECIAL PRICE- If entire course is paid for by the registration deadline (January 26, 2015) your entire course is $1000!! Savings of $200.

Those Lashes!!


Lash Extensions

So what’s the skinny on lash enhancements?? Shown above is a picture from a recent photo-shoot I was involved in. My lashes are super long and full and glamorous for this shoot, and what a perfect opportunity to have lash extensions!

But the truth is actually that I have worn lash extensions for more than 3 years now… pretty consistently in fact. And I LOVE THEM!

My routine every morning is simple, shower and wash my face, apply Mineralogie BB Cream, get dressed and I am out the door!! My lashes and dreadlocks have single handedly given me the freedom to drink coffee and do yoga all morning, sparing 20 minutes for my appearance. And sure, I could spend more time applying makeup and eyeshadow and other things… But the point is, that I don’t HAVE to; I feel comfortable and beautiful without all of that rigamarole.

People are often concerned with damage to their lashes. Damage to your lashes occurs when lash extensions are not correctly applied. A correctly applied set of lashes is easily brushed through with a dry mascara wand and there should be no twisting, turning, or clumping of lashes! Each extension should be applied to a single existing lash, stuck lashes can cause a variety of problems, including major lash breakage and lash baldness.

Leave it to the professionals, I always say. Our lash artist Stephanie has been applying the lashes to complete any look or lifestyle for over 2 years. And doesn’t this just look comfy?? Nap anyone?