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Mineralogie Vamp Lip

Vamp Lips…

Halloween set the tone for my winter lip mood. I will have vamp lips, or I will have nothing at all. Ha Ha! But seriously.. How much are you loving these dark hues?!


Ok here is a little HOW-to Vamp-Lip using Mineralogie!

You will need: Mineralogie lipstick in your fav shade (preferably darker hues/ reds/pinks), Cafe or Suede Pencil Liner, Mink Loose Mineral Eyeshadow,  and a Q-tip!

My lip shade of choice is typically Guilty Pleasure (for a more violet undertone) or Stiletto (for a deep brick red undertone)

I begin by applying a bit of Mineralogie BB Cream all over my face, including my lips. It adds a tad of moisture and has a filling quality that helps perfect your canvas for application.

Apply lipstick directly over your BB Cream, covering your entire lip.

Shake a little Mink out of the shaker and apply it over your lipstick with a Q-tip. This will “set” your lips and give them a matte finish, keeping it off of your teeth and in line. The lipstick and BB Cream underneath keep your lips feeling moist but to the touch they are dry, or “set”. For a darker tone, apply more Mink… Lighter tone, less Mink.

Use your Cafe or Suede Pencil to line your entire lip; blending the lipstick and shadow together around the entire seam and cleaning up any “un-crisp” lip lines!

Take the clean end of your Q-tip and press it into any flaws and in a smooth motion, twirl toward your lip.

Voila! If you feel your lips are too wet or that you have got too much of either product on them.. Simple FIX, just blot your lips together on a piece of toilet paper. Double set your lips this way, and keep those babies looking perfect!

Also, give this trick a try with other shadow and lip shades! A few of my favorite combos are: Peaches & Cream Lipstick with Opal Shimmer Eyeshadow, or Parfait Lipstick with Raspberry Eyeshadow. Turn one lip shade into many!!


BB Cream by: Mineralogie

What is BB Creme??

It’s the in-a-hurry-girl’s best friend!


With SPF 20, Mineralogie has created a Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm creme that evens skin tone, brightens the complexion, covers imperfections, and helps to prevent skin aging, all with an ultra light weight feel. This is one of my very favorite products, and that is hard to say. Mineralogie never ceases to impress with ingredients and results that are second to none. A few of the ingredients they have added to this product alone, are:

White Tea- helps to  slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin

Oat Beta Glucan- helps to smooth skin and soothe redness

Acai Berry- helps to fight free radicals and reduce inflammation

Resveratrol- is  an antioxidant that helps to protect skin from sun damage

Vitamin A, E and Silica- to condition and promote healthy skin

BB Creme can be worn alone, as the coverage is great for everyday wear, or layered with Mineralogie’s concealers and foundations for a more perfected complexion.

Available and on hand at The Eclectic Chair in Idaho Falls for a low price of $30.