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These Dreadie Babies!


A word that encompasses all that I seem to be these days!! Dreadie whirlwind! Girl with the green dreadlocks! Girl with the blue dreadlocks! Technically they are a mousy, melty, turquoisey and blonde mess of locks.
And I.Love.Them.
dreadlocks > any hair. ever.
Yes they are dreadlocks.
Yes they are real.
Yes they are also extensions.
Yes you can wash them.
Yes I do wash them.
Now please…
Stop touching them when I am not looking.
Please stop touching them when i am not looking.
Stop saying “What is that?” like I should assume as a grocery store cashier you’re FIRST asking what my hair “is” and not inquiring about the strange looking vegetable in your hand. “Bok choy” is an appropriate reply, so don’t look at me in that tone of voice.
Stop petting me when I am not looking.

Salon Life

Photo credit: Rebel & Romance Photography
The Eclectic Chair is a small studio salon I partnered into with my mom.
We all have our own little space where we perform our specialties.
Left to right:
Myself- Color, cutting and extension work is what I specialize in. I have created a niche in our dread culture around here which has been a lot of fun.
Chelsie- our esthetician and my littlest sister! She specializes in body waxing, mechanical and chemical facial treatments and I will tell you, this little spit fire is great at it too.
Stephanie- our lash artist, nail technician and my mother. She educated for OPI for several years when nails were her passion. I would say the majority of her time and passion now lies with lash enhancing. She always excels in what she does, as she is the most tedious person I have ever met. Our lashes are credit to her work, obviously.
Rebel & Romance Photography
Salon life is a world of its own, meant for reality tv and soap operas!
I have love for every salon experience I have been through…
However there really is something to say about privacy.
Rebel & Romance Photography
and… warmth & comfort.
We love our cozy studio!
The Eclectic Chair
109 W 17th Street
Idaho Falls, ID
Photo credit: Stormy of Rebel & Romance Photography

Thanks again Stormy!

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