Custom Synthetic Dread Sets

Interested in the dread style… but not quite ready for the comitment?

Single-Ended synthetic dread extensions may be the answer you are looking for!

Dreaded extensions can be attached to your hair for a temporary to semi permanent dread “fix”. Remove the extension binding to get your hair back to its previous, free-stranded state!



Methods of application, price for install, and length of hair required will vary stylist to stylist… But I always say: 3 inches of hair minimum, $40 per hour for install (full head approx 4-5 hours).

Dread sets can be made in any length, most commonly requested in 18-24 inch lengths. You have the option of thick, skinny, or varying diameters, Color possibilities are pretty endless, and dreads can be ombre’d.

Full Head sets range from 50-60 single ended dreads @ $180-$240

Partial Head sets 30 single ended dreads @ $60-$100

*Accent Dread Sets*

5 single ended dreads fully decorated starting @ $25


Watch my instagram for the sets I will be creating and sending out @thahairbiz


About Tia Panter

My name is Tia, my mom and I own The Eclectic Chair salon in Idaho Falls, ID. Styling hair, makeup and my work spaces are what I do best. I had a 60 pound transformation when I fell in love with yoga and out of lust with food; I am a blue, loc-haired, yoga-loving vegan, and this is where I plan to document my discoveries.

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