These Dreadie Babies!


A word that encompasses all that I seem to be these days!! Dreadie whirlwind! Girl with the green dreadlocks! Girl with the blue dreadlocks! Technically they are a mousy, melty, turquoisey and blonde mess of locks.
And I.Love.Them.
dreadlocks > any hair. ever.
Yes they are dreadlocks.
Yes they are real.
Yes they are also extensions.
Yes you can wash them.
Yes I do wash them.
Now please…
Stop touching them when I am not looking.
Please stop touching them when i am not looking.
Stop saying “What is that?” like I should assume as a grocery store cashier you’re FIRST asking what my hair “is” and not inquiring about the strange looking vegetable in your hand. “Bok choy” is an appropriate reply, so don’t look at me in that tone of voice.
Stop petting me when I am not looking.

About Tia Panter

My name is Tia, my mom and I own The Eclectic Chair salon in Idaho Falls, ID. Styling hair, makeup and my work spaces are what I do best. I had a 60 pound transformation when I fell in love with yoga and out of lust with food; I am a blue, loc-haired, yoga-loving vegan, and this is where I plan to document my discoveries.

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