Dreadlock Education

Dreadlock Education!

I come to you, or you come to me.

Either way, it takes 6 licensed cosmetologists and $1000 each to schedule a class.

(Ask me about a one on one crash course)


Everything you need to know to start, maintain, and care for dreadlocks in the salon… AND get paid for it.

Class one- Intro to Dreadlocks
In this class I give you the full run down verbally, on everything you need to know about dreadlocks.

Class two- (HANDS ON) Synthetic Methods
**3 synthetic methods with easy to advanced techniques for completing these methods and extending the life of the synthetic dreadlock.

Class three- (HANDS ON) Natural Locing Methods
**3 Natural locing methods and introduction to permanent natural extending.

Class Four- (HANDS ON) Synthetic to Natural Transition (Steady Dready) & Natural Dread Extending
**In this class, we take everything you have learned, and we dig into the good stuff.
Starting with a fourth and most advanced synthetic extension method, we perfect our technique so that I can teach you how to seamlessly transition from a synthetic dreadlock (aka “FAKE” or dreadlock extension) style, to permanently extended loc hair (aka long “REAL” dreadlocks). You will learn the methods necessary to complete the phases of the transition and tips to help make this transition easier for your clients.

This course has been designed to build from each class, so that you have all of the knowledge necessary to learn and practice the most advanced techniques in dreadlocking. It was through my experiences with dreadlocks, some good, some bad, that I was able to create a technique to gently transition your clients into a natural/natural extended loc from a synthetic dread extension. This has shown useful when the client has hair that will become too short when loc’d, and for those not ready to commit to a full head of natural locs. It has been my experience that the majority of clients fall into one of these two categories.

By the time this course is completed, you will feel confident in performing dreadlock and loc hair work as well as comfortable in charging top dollar for your skill. The price of this course in full, considering my rate, can be paid for in 3 dread appointments.

All materials and tools included.


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