Synthetic Dreadlock Methods


***Full Head of Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions approx $600***

A synthetic dread extension is a temporary to semi permanent way to achieve a dread style.


Although your hair is able to comb out after any of these synthetic styles, it is important to understand that any method of dread or extension work can be damaging to your hair. Extensions add considerable weight to your hair and scalp, which can cause more shedding than average.
The desired look will dictate which application method used, and the maintenance of synthetic dread extensions will vary greatly depending on the method.
Maintenance for any method is solely dependent on the individual wearing them, we offer many tips to get the most wear out of your extensions but time frame varies greatly.



-Brazilian knot in-
Longest lasting and most natural looking method for attaching dread extensions. Your hair is bound to free hair in small sections with thread and the free hair is left unloc’d to naturally dread up. Extension hair begins to dread after 3 days and takes approx 2-3 weeks to mature.                                                                                        Hair can be reused or “moved up”
Maintenance 5-15 weeks
Install takes 6-10 hours

-Wrap & Seal-
Hair is bound to loose fiber and sealed within another fiber. Lasts well, looks clean and natural, and is a great way to achieve a clean smooth dread look.
Cannot be reattached.
Maintenance 4-6 weeks.
Install takes 6-10 hours.

-Thread in single enders-
Last well, look natural, and the best way to achieve instant gratification. This method binds your hair to a preformed dread extension with thread.
Very easily reattached.
Maintenance 4-8 weeks.
Install takes 5-8 hours.

This is a method for a more temporary dread fix and looks less natural than the other methods. Pre-formed dreads, either double or single ended, are bound with a braid in method and elastic banding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Easiest to reattach.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Maintenance 3-6 weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Install takes 3-6 hours.

**Maintenance and installation for dread extensions is $60 per hour**

**Maintenance includes removal of extensions and bond and then replacement**

**Hair, fibers, and extensions not included in hourly rate**

**Dreading Natural Hair $60 per hour**

**Consultations for dreadlocking $30**

Method of dreading greatly depends on hair type, length texture and desired look.

**Extending Natural Dreadlocks (price given at consultation)**                                                                                                                                                                               (YES- Mature, natural dreadlocks can be permanently extended.)

Prices subject to clients desired look and hair type, all dreadlock services are priced at an hourly rate.

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