Full Body Waxing


People often cringe at the idea of waxing areas of the body, but the discomfort experienced differs from client to client depending on pain tolerance. I believe the benefits of waxing surpass any discomfort experienced during the service. Benefits such as time saved because waxing lasts much longer than shaving. Also, the hair can begin to grow back in thinner and softer as well. Both male and females can experience these benefits, because I offer full body waxing for both genders. All of the waxes listed under can either be offered singularly or with a package deal.

Facial waxing includes
~upper lip

Upper body waxing
~arms and hands
~hands separately

Lower body waxing:
~leg and foot
~foot separately
Prices are set for each individual waxed area, but I do offer package deals if clients are looking for multiple areas waxed in one session.


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