Hair Extensions

– Hair extensions are a great way to add, thickness, body and/or length.

– Prices quoted with scheduled consultation.

– Extension maintenance depends on individual circumstance.

Track & Sew

A tensioning machine is used to create a small track (or cornrow) with existing hair horizontally across the head. Hair wefts are then sewn to the track, creating easy blending. Normally 1-3 tracks are required for adding length. Hair can be readhered.


2 inch wefts are attached to the hair using a clamping system in rows, or where is needed for blending or thickness. This method does not use chemical or heat to bond. Hair can be readhered.


This method uses a nonslip micro bead to attach the hair to the existing hair. The tip looks much like the end of the end of a very small shoelace tip. These extensions are attached without the use of chemicals or hot tools. Hair can be readhered.

Single-strand bond

Small pieces of hair are attached to existing hair using a Keratin bond. Heat is required for application and hair cannot be readhered.