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Meet Ivy,

She is a beautiful college student with a little boho in her style, great taste in music, and an appreciation for icy lavenders and blue grays. In other words, we vibe and I dig her color appointments.


Where we began..

Ivy is naturally a level 8 with beige undertones; we gave her a nicely balanced and subtle balayage highlight  in our first color appointment together. The next time she returned for color it was to be a silvery, iridescent lavender.

This is her before (post balayage):



The key to achieving a really pale hue, is time and PATIENCE. Sheer shades really show every line of demarkation (seams), drier patches, dark and light strands and spots. We want dimension, but keeping a light, barely-there-color, requires an even, seamless, canvas.  Having just highlighted her last appointment, this was tedious… to say the least.

I began by decolorizing her strands with a 30 vol lightener, careful not to go over previously lightened hair.  When it looked even and as light as can be, I shampooed with Scruples Platinum Shine Brightening Shampoo, and let it sit 5 minutes. This process brings her hair to a blue/gray which dries to a nice, icy/silver blonde.

And now the fun part.. COLORRRRR


Tips when working with pastels and vivids:

*When adding pigment back into this ultra light hair, it is important to remember that it is going to suck up that pigment like no-body’s business and you are going to be rushing your client to the shampoo bowl if you are not careful! These colors look really dark but they are very very sheer!

*Always start with a clear or silver base (depending on desired tone/color) add very small drops of pigment until shade desired is achieved.

*Use a dry paper towel to test color on while mixing.


What do you think?



Fast forward to next appointment…


A Lavender dream..

Again Ivy returned with a new look in mind; darker so that it lasted longer.

Her outgrowth was  approx an inch and a half and once lightened, shampooed and blown dry, did not match her existing, all over silvery blonde. I mixed one formula more violet based for the outgrowth and two more formulas for the ends. Applying according to which areas needed, which formulas to achieve an even tone. Your knowledge of color correction using the color wheel, will greatly serve you in this department.

Applying a single, all-over color, on an uneven base is a recipe for banding and less than satisfactory fading.


And the latest and greatest..


Ultraviolet & Blue Steel…

We were going for more blue, but she wasn’t quite ready to ditch those violet vibes.

Thank you for the fun and inspiration Miss Ivy, heads like yours make my world go ’round.



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My name is Tia, my mom and I own The Eclectic Chair salon in Idaho Falls, ID. Styling hair, makeup and my work spaces are what I do best. I had a 60 pound transformation when I fell in love with yoga and out of lust with food; I am a blue, loc-haired, yoga-loving vegan, and this is where I plan to document my discoveries.

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