Loc Hair Adventures -My Dreadlocks-

Having beautiful locs takes dedication…
takes a little sweat to produce a masterpiece is how I see it.

When you make the decision to get dreadlocks, patience is no longer a virtue. You want them yesterday, regardless of the length of your hair. LENGTH is a problem most of us face. I loved having short crazy hair but was ready for something completely different and long hair just wasn’t for me. I fell in love with a few dreaded heads in SLC and decided I NEEDED them… yesterday. My hair was a barely growing mohawk and getting long enough hair to dread was going to be a problem… No one (that I know) wants short dreadlocks sticking straight out from their head, right?

A little luck, some research, my mom (installer), and I had my first set.

WARNING: Here come the selfies… How else was I supposed to document this journey?!
I have had dreadlocks for the better part of 2 years now and I started at an average of 2.5 inches in length for hair…my bangs being the longest length.

This was my first dread experience
A synthetic dread extension

Pros to this method
-They are completely and easily reversible
-Very good for someone totally undecided about wearing dreadlocks
-Can be installed for a skilled technician in approx 4-5 hours

Drawback to this method
-Maintenance was approx 5 hours every 6 weeks
-Very heavy to wear, so I typically cornrowed the front back and wore them back while working.. making the maintenance on the front about 1 hour every other week.

I removed these locks for the summer as they were too heavy and too hot to wear. I left them out for a few months and researched new methods, there had to be something better than that for short haired, semi- committed, dreadhead wannabes, right?!

I decided on purple

And a new method

This masterpiece consists of 3 types of synthetic dread extension methods, some micro braids sprinkled in there, and free strand bead-lock extensions.

Which brought up another important learning experience; dreadlocks and free strand extensions cannot live on the same head! Needless to say, my beads came out in a clump and got tossed, which led me to this

This is the synthetic extension I most commonly do now. Its the most reliable, lowest maintenance and its exactly what brought me to my next experiment…

Overhaul time! Took everything out of my hair that wasnt grown from my head, and I set up a color appt. I had committed to natural dreadlocks and knew exactly how I wanted my hair to look once it was “complete”.

Again pardon the terrible selfie!

I wanted my natural dark blonde hair to melt into aqua/turquoise into blonde. I planned to keep some fun color in my hair, since I was letting my natural grow in; as I do not recommend lightening your roots once your hair is dreaded.

                                   ***Steady Dready***
***Phase one***

*Phase one is a complete set of synthetic extensions. Can be worn for up to 12 weeks with little to no salon maintenance.
***Phase Two***
*Begin natural locking process…
***Phase Three***

(Shown worn down and up)

*Phase three can last a while, here is where we begin permanently extending and “completing” your locs.

Again patience.

Cause look at where you are now…

Once you are “complete” your roots will need tightened and regular maintenance required typically until your locs have their first birthday!

The steady dready method can go as quickly as the client wants, or as slowly… Each phase can go with little to no maintenance for up to 12 weeks, leaving the process to your schedules availability and the clients wallet.

About Tia Panter

My name is Tia, my mom and I own The Eclectic Chair salon in Idaho Falls, ID. Styling hair, makeup and my work spaces are what I do best. I had a 60 pound transformation when I fell in love with yoga and out of lust with food; I am a blue, loc-haired, yoga-loving vegan, and this is where I plan to document my discoveries.

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