Salon Professionals: Working With VIVIDS

Interested in reading up on some of my tips on working with vivids, pastels, and deposit only colors?


Here are a few answers to my most popular questions:


Q. What color line do you use?

A. Joico, Pravana, Iso with a little Fudge and Aloxxi. I use the line with the product that will serve my client best!


Q. Do you apply your fashion color formula on wet or dry hair?

A. This is my general rule: Hair is tinted when color fills the hair strand. If the hair strand is full of water, less color will be absorbed. If you are trying to achieve a nice translucent color, wet it is.

However, wet application is NOT how I acheive my translucent shades. Dimension is my true love; multi-tonal hair that reflects complimenting and contradicting hues is what challenges me, pushes me… Its much harder to get an even and predictable color application when the hair is wet, I typically dry the hair completly, section in 4 quardrents and apply my formulations. If I am applying color to wet hair, it is for slight tone adjustments.


Q. How do you adjust vivid color to acheive multi-tonal hues?

A. Start with a clear base when working with fashion shades, slowly stir in the desired pigment, checking depth by brushing the formula onto dry paper towel. I also love Titanium by Joico Color Intensitys as a cool base for some of my color concoctions.


Q. How do you acheive an even regrowth retouch without demarkation lines?

A. Double and triple toning. Sometimes double toning is required when you need to lift the regrowth and touch up the total color. Once the regrowth is lifted, you typically have a slightly yellow color butted up to your outgrown, faded color. Applying one mixture from scalp to ends is going to leave a “demarkation” line. The reason being- your base tones are different. You need to bring the freshly lightened hair to match the rest and then rinse, dry and apply your original formula to the entire head… OR you can formulate your regrowth color to process and match the end formulation in one application.


Keep the questions coming!

Hope this helps!




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