For the stylists who want to know:

Color lights me up, the challenge and process excites me and the reward comes when your work turns out better than either of you imagined it could. That is passion, art, creativity, and it drives me.

The appreciation for my love of color is apparent as most of my family and friends are wearing vibrant shades themselves. Due to our vivid gathering, we get questioned a lot about my techniques, products and tips. I was always very reluctant to share those things with fellow stylists as I felt it would create direct competition with my business… “Trade secrets” everyone says!

My default response to inquisitive young stylists is always the same; “Come work in my salon, and I will teach you everything I know.”

This response was in hopes that a fresh face would aspire to work by my side. Sharing success in one unified space, learning from one another and growing together. The conversation that transpired after this lost message was never as pleasant as I had hoped. The inquiring face always turned to a gasping one and then the defense came up followed by more questions in a less than friendly tone and snappy remarks. WHEW…. Not an encounter I wanted to have on a Sunday afternoon at TJ Maxx.

So here it goes…

I have decided to share MY “trade secrets” in hopes that someone will be inspired.

And in hopes that you will all stop harrassing my family and friends 🙂

haha JK!

But really…


About Tia Panter

My name is Tia, my mom and I own The Eclectic Chair salon in Idaho Falls, ID. Styling hair, makeup and my work spaces are what I do best. I had a 60 pound transformation when I fell in love with yoga and out of lust with food; I am a blue, loc-haired, yoga-loving vegan, and this is where I plan to document my discoveries.

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