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The Eclectic Chair

What is Your Purpose


You know… I really never applied a deeper purpose to my career as a hairstylist. I always thought that my artistic ability, and drive were the things that pushed me towards success.

After all, what kind of affect can a hairstylist really have on the world?

I built my business on the intention that everyone should be able to afford to have good hair! It wasn’t until I was 9 years in, and busier than ever did I begin to question that; was it enough? It seemed I was working every waking hour, I was burnt out and wondering what my life purpose really was. Sure I had so many beautiful and gracious people around me most every day, but was I really making a difference in their lives? Was I making my life count? Was I building my legacy?


This question has been a great source of my anxiety for quite some time now.

After countless hours of inertia, self study, and examination, I came to the conclusion that I had been asking the wrong question all along….

I was asking, “Is my life meaningful?”.

I should have been asking, “How can I make my life meaningful?”.


And I will tell you what conclusion I have come too…

Working predominantly with color clients, I am able to spend the majority of my day with various women for a few hours each; it’s just her and I in a small partially enclosed space. Rather than allowing a superficial nature to my work, outer beauty, I had the perfect opportunity to work in partnership with inner beauty.

While building my dream salon, I had put so much intention in creating a sanctuary from ordinary life; I really wanted a space for purpose and deep connection with my community. Once it was there, I had overlooked the opportunity to do just that.

You know the saying, “the grass is always greener”?

I was looking for something new to light up a path for me. Hoping passion would be sparked somewhere else. I was doubting my career choice and praying daily for direction, when all along, deep down inside of me, I had the answer. This is what I was meant to do, I just had to challenge my faith and security to see that.

As hairstylists we are in the perfect position to really listen to our clients,

To work one on one with them closely as we manifest the deepest beauty from within them. If you ask the right questions, and you take the time to communicate with someone who hasn’t felt like they have been heard, you can create lasting beauty. You have the ability to use your hands and ears, to bring to life that goddess form they have been burying underneath layers of doubt, and insecurities. Transformation is as internal as it is external, and that is the responsibility we step into, each time, we stand behind the chair.

Don’t ever discount your impact on others, believe that you can make the world a more loving and beautiful place.