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The Eclectic Chair



Happiness… man has this word been a paper weight in my head space for the last few months. What is happiness and why is it so hard to obtain at times?

I have had some interesting experiences and observations popping up over the last few weeks, and each time I began to dissect these encounters, the question returns to my mind… why are people so unhappy? Analytical in nature I turn to self-study… what makes me unhappy?

I have found that there are 3 major elements to a lack of happiness in my daily life:

  1. Inauthenticity
  2. A Lack of Direction
  3. Inability to Cope

Acting in our most authentic nature can solve many of our daily dramas.

When we find the courage to speak, dress, and act in the best interest of our inner soul, or highest consciousness, we are able to tactfully and gracefully express our personal boundaries. In this state of being, our truest light source is revealed, and we are able to accept others for living their truth. Embrace your inner you in this wild ride called life, and in turn, you’ll embrace others in their journey as well.

Goals, Goals, Goals.

Why are we up grinding ourselves to death at work, hustling everyday… Sure, for our families and to “have a better life”, but what does that really mean? I have found that when I am not content, it is typically because I have no goals or focused intention for doing what I am doing, day in, and day out. Keeping major aspirations, as well as small obtainable goals, helps me to stay active and focused in reaching them. If I ever find myself saying “What am I doing all of this for?”, I know that a lack of direction is getting me down. Time to reevaluate.

Coping, how do you cope?

Yoga has been a saving grace for me, and my burdens. My body’s aches and pains, my emotional wounds, and my anxieties, all seem to melt away when I am keeping a regular practice. When the day’s chaos is compounding, I can go home, to my mat, and in complete silence, offer all of it up there. Yoga allows me to gently work through the back pain and joint pain I live with daily. After years of dancing and working on my feet, it’s there; rather than taking a magic pill to will it all away, I allow myself to acknowledge it, and in partnership with spirit, heal it. Coping is good, its ok to feel uncomfortable sometimes, it means you’re alive, and you have a perfectly imperfect human body.

So fake it until you make it, put a smile on your face until that smile becomes fixed and works it’s way through your soul, and into the hearts of others. Take small steps into the bold life you always knew you had within you, be authentic. Set ridiculous goals if that is what is going to keep you on your feet and grinning each and every day! Cry if you need too, let your heart pour out and recognize that this is you coping, congratulations.

May we all remain steadfast in our purpose, as we carry our soulful hearts, with joy, and grace in this earthly form.


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